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Waste Unity

Waste Unity is a feature-rich system designed specifically for the Waste Industry to automate processes, maximise profit and improve efficiency. From order to sales and repeat business, WasteUnity has everything your company needs to scale your business. We give more, so you can do more! Get in touch, today, and find out how we can add growth, flexibility and value to your business.

Everything in one place.

An all in one system designed for the Waste Industry that builds more customers and increases profits.

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    Improve sales performance with forecasting, instant pipeline reporting, smart upsell opportunities (using customer behaviour analysis), price and discount rules and commission management. It’s a smart system designed to make sure you never miss a sale.

    Customer Portal – Keep customer happy with their own customisable customer portal. Provide SLA’s, documents, and automated reporting illustrating your companies performance. The portal can be customised by the Customer and can be combined with access to case management. Everything you customer needs in one place, that’s good customer service.

    Improve customer service, understand every contact point and reduce the cost of managing customers. Ensure complete visibility of customer interaction including case management, cross-sell and upsell and time tracking all directly tied to customer records. It’s all too easy to miss existing customer opportunities, now you don’t have to.

    Instant Reporting. Reporting dashboards are completely configurable enabling functions, teams and individuals to display key stats in real time. Reports can be drilled into to provide vital information on detail when needed. Reporting on tap that can be securely accessed from anywhere. Exactly what you needed.

    Whether expenses, revenue, tax, or capitalised assets, financial management seamlessly integrates with all modules to streamline critical business processes, such as quote-to-cash, enabling everyone to work from a single source of finance, sales and customer data.

    Reduce the costs of fleet management and increase revenue per vehicle. Have complete visibility on all aspects of your fleet. Understand the cost impact of maintenance, and report which parts of your fleet produce the best return.

    Asset Invoicing – Raise and generate invoices directly from the asset register. Automate the process to make sure that Invoices are issued on time or flag and intervene manually. Standard invoice templates can be created and manual charges added when needed.

    Identify on a map where your companies assets are and drill into their performance. With GPS and RFID tagging it has never been easier to identify assets and find where they have been moved to. Keep track of your companies biggest expenditure.

    With WasteUnity everyone knows what they are doing. Schedule field staff and drivers, keeping them in sync with the office where ever they are. Create lists, schedule the order, provide information for the job and even collect customer signatures. Once complete then automatically send the invoice and Customer paperwork. Maximise efficiency, maximise service, maximise cash flow.

    Field staff are your Company’s customer face. So it’s important to know when someone isn’t available and take corrective action immediately.  Biometric sign-in enables remote staff to signal the start and end of their day. Combined with vehicle checklists and you’ll know about any vehicle or staff problems instantly.

    Demonstrate, report and track that waste has been handled correctly with Automated DoC notes (waste transfer notes). Information completed by drivers and field staff is populated to the form then e-mailed or printed for the customer. Customer signatures can be captured and the whole form delivered to the UK Gov portal to ensure regulatory compliance.

    Track proof of delivery with automated delivery notes. Forms are populated automatically from available information and completed by field staff. Customer signatures can be captured and pictures added as proof of condition of arrival. Notes can be printed or  e-mailed to the customer.

    Whether non-hazardous waste separation, hazardous materials,  WEEE compliance or metal by weight and value, WasteUnity provides a complete picture at your fingertips with compliance reporting.

    Reduce inventory costs and keep customers happy by eliminating stock-outs with smart inventory control.  Dynamically manage item reorder points and preferred stock levels
    based on average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales demand
    and number of days’ supply to stock. Set automated alerts for re-orders and forecast inventory needs to make sure you stay in control at all times.

    Accurate and timely, a single source of data for your business keeps everyone up to date. Imagine a single system that is always correct, doesn’t need data dumped or time spent purging duplicate records. Our single Customer Database integrates seamlessly with all ERP modules ensuring that everyone has instant access to the latest information and reports.

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