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The Cofficient Story

Cofficient founder, Paul Tindal, first met his business partner and co-owner, Paul Grant, whilst delivering a software demonstration.

Paul Tindal had been drafted in by Paul Grant to demonstrate Oracle NetSuite as a potential new ERP solution. Paul Grant was so wowed by the product that within six months he left his role as Finance Director of a publishing house and set up stall as co-owner of Cofficient Ltd.

By that time Paul Tindal had been implementing Oracle NetSuite for about 7 years. With multiple implementations under his belt, he was one of the first Oracle NetSuite partners in the UK, and a technical genius with the software.

Paul Grant, on the other hand, was a Finance Director and Chartered Accountant by trade; he could bring the “real life” business experience to the table.

After being approached by SAP to add the cloud based Business ByDesign product into the product portfolio, the two rebranded as Cofficient Ltd and set off on their business journey.

Cofficient is an amalgamation of “Company” and “Efficient”. Making companies efficient is what makes the Pauls happy. Helping businesses become super slick, by using cloud based technology, is what makes them come into the office with a spring in their step.

“Making what seems like a complicated process, incredibly easy, is Paul’s art” says our client Halifax Fan about Paul Tindal.

“Combining expertise and deep knowledge of the system, with responsiveness and good humour under pressure” says client Shionogi Plc about Paul Grant

We hire for talent, intelligence and empathy. If you think you have what it takes and want to join our ever growing team or software engineers and cloud technicians, please get in touch.