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GDPR Compliant CRM Systems


Unify customer information across your business and stay on the right side of the new data protection laws.

Cofficient CRM solutions provide one single source of data keeping your data clean and compliant. With automated forms and customer tracking,

CRMUnity ensures you get the correct customer consent, when you need it and with an audit trail. Features such as automated unsubscribe and duplicate data cleansing come as standard, meaning diverge sources of data can be merged to create an accurate single record that filters to everyone in your business, instantly. And if your customer wants to unsubscribe, no problem, one click of a button and every single person in your company will instantly get access to the most upto date information.

All of our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs and of course did we mention that using our CRM systems can mean you get five times as many leads as traditional methods. Just saying!


Fast, accurate, scalable and proven shipping software for growing business that want to impress customers with the speed of packaging and delivery.

PackageUnity is the Netsuite compatible service that enables companies to automate their shipping, labelling and export documentation. Already used to deliver hundreds of thousands of packages and documents each year, PackagingUnity conveniently provides access to multiple or single courier companies such as Parcel Force and DHL.

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Accuracy – get delivery details right first time, every time.

Scale – up to 200 packages at any single moment.  

Reporting – instant information on cost, volume and other metrics

Service  – Track packages & keep customers up to date.


Boost Your Cash Collection.

Cash is King, which means collecting is vital to business survival. The problem is collecting can be a painful task!

Maximise your finance team’s time and reduce bad debt with CreditUnity, for NetSuite.

With the tick of a box, CreditUnity recognises outstanding invoices and automates the process of chasing and collection invoices. Set-up standard e-mails, decide on your timescales and let the process run. A reporting dashboard visually displays outstanding invoices and where they are in the process. You can even schedule reminders before the invoice is sent.

It’s never been easier and as soon as the invoice is paid, the system stops chasing.

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Cash  – boost collection of cash, while your team maximise it’s time. 

Reminders – politely prompt customers just before the invoice is due.

Time  – free up your team’s time to concentrate on other tasks

Good payers – identify persistently bad payers and reduce bad debt on your profit and loss accounts.