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Introducing an ERP system can seem daunting.  That’s why we choose to become part of our customer’s companies.  We make the transformational change process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We are proud that we have a reputation for delivery and we’ll do more with our time and staff to make that happen.

To do this we have developed a process, born from experience, and specifically designed to develop the ERP solution that best fits your company.  We make sure that your company’s competitive advantage is core to the development.  The six steps to success.

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    Whether to implement new software, or not, is a difficult decision to take; and not one you’ll take lightly.  It’s a project which is potentially fraught with difficulties. Sometimes doing nothing feels like a safer option.

    At Cofficient we appreciate this and want you to rest assured that your implementation is in safe hands.  Our consultants are some of the UK’s most experienced and respected software experts. We have been implementing NetSuite and SAP Business ByDesign for longer than most other solution partners.

    • Longest Standing NetSuite Partner – Cofficient have been implementing Oracle NetSuite since 2003.  That makes us one of the longest standing Oracle NetSuite partners in the UK.  Cofficient have been involved in over 20 Oracle NetSuite implementations including ecommerce, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, professional services automation, project management and not for profit; and of course CRM and finance.  Whether you need a membership database, or a central data repository; a new financial system or a project management tool, we know just how to make Oracle NetSuite bend to suit your requirements.  Afterall, we’ve been doing it long enough.
    • SAP Recognised Experts – SAP handpicked Cofficient to add cloud based SAP Business ByDesign into our product portfolio; making us one of the UK’s first SAP Business ByDesign partners.   In 2016 Cofficient were awarded SAP Recognised Expertise certification (SAP REX) for our work with the Business ByDesign solution.  That wasn’t enough for us though.  Not content with one SAP REX qualification, we set out to become the UK’s most awarded partner and can now boast SAP REX qualifications for Finance and Healthcare too – the only partner in EMEA to have these three qualifications.
    • Finance Expertise – Finance runs through the heart of every project, whether you are unlocking financial modules or not.  Since every part of your business relates to your financial success it is imperative that you get the best feedback and advice about your financial processes.Underpinned by our cloud based software solutions and our chartered accounting experience, we can provide:
      • Business strategy and planning
      • Business intelligence & management information reporting
      • Tax accounting advice and process
      • Compliance advice and process
      • Statutory accounting advice and process
    • Sales and Marketing Expertise – You need software to help manage and run your sales team.  At Cofficient we recognise that systems only form part of the equation.  You need your people and your processes to be aligned in order to get the best out of the system.With 15 years senior sales and marketing experience behind us, Cofficient can offer:
      • Internal communications advice relating to the implementation
      • Sales management advice
      • Best practise sales force automation process
      • Marketing and copy content advice
      • Change management advice
    • Development Expertise – It’s possible that you have some legacy software which you just don’t want to part with.  Perhaps it does something that your new software can’t.  Or you’ve invested too much time or energy into it.  Allow Cofficient’s team of developers to build integrations between your software systems so that it doesn’t hold back your usage of older or legacy systems.

    We strip back your business to its essentials processes, identify the competitive advantages and map the ideal workflow that will maximise efficiency and market leadership.

    During the design phase there will be a number of meetings with key users to gain a clear understanding of the system requirements.  We will review your current systems and processes, identifying what’s working and what’s not, interview users from each department in your organisation and pull together a software specification document.

    Once we have an agreed idea of the structure, we will then built out the solution.  This is collaborative process and we will work hand in hand to ensure the system meets all of the agreed requirements.

    Getting down to business.  We develop and put in place your cloud solutions.  Working with key people in each of the functions we go through iterative reviews to make absolutely sure the solution is right for your business.

    Communication and openness are the key to implementing solutions.  With an implementation we work closely with each of the teams affected put the solution in place in you business.

    The key to success and widespread adoption is to train  everyone and ensure they are completely comfortable and at home.  Our consultants have over 10 years experience in working with a wide range of businesses across all sectors.  Training is provided as part of our overall package and delivered in a way to suit your needs.  We have the expertise to answer any question.

    Our involvement and support doesn’t end when your software has been rolled out. We continue to work and support customers through-out the contract life of the product.  We offer support contracts to suit your business.  We also offer support to businesses who were not implemented by the team at Cofficient.

    Whether your business is reactive or proactive, we are happy to offer support.

    • Monthly support contract – opting for a monthly support contract gives you access to our solution experts at anytime throughout the working day.  (conditions will apply)
    • Expert on Demand – If a monthly support contract doesn’t suit your business there is always expert on demand, paying an hourly rate.

    Outsourcing the support and management of your chosen solution to Cofficient comes with big benefits including:

    • Access to some of NetSuite’s longest standing UK partners and SAP Business ByDesign’s recommended Experts.  You will be in safe hands since Cofficient has been implementing NetSuite and SAP Business ByDesign for over 10 years.  We make it our business to know the solutions inside and out so you don’t have to.
    • Get value out of your chosen solution.  It’s a big expense so stretch it to its capability. Use it to increase productivity.
    • You don’t need to hire dedicated resource.  Save money in employment costs by drawing from our experienced team only as required.
    • No down time.  Don’t use your internal resource when you can outsource the work.  Let everyone get on with their day jobs instead.
    • Speedy service.  Can’t find the answer easily on the solution help forums?  Cofficient will offer you straight forward advice, quickly to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

    Our team of experts have over 10 years experience building out functionality within our ERP solutions.  Whether you’re looking to integrate existing solutions or build out additional apps, our experts are here to help.

    • Solution Integrations – Our team of experts recognise that an out-of-the-box solution will not fit every business.  Many businesses have a variety of data sources, making reporting and keeping data up to date a headache. With our expertise we can integrate these to provide a single, secure and backed-up cloud solution, that provides instant reporting, drill down to source issues and a data source that keeps everyone on the right side of the new GDPR data laws.
    • App Development – Our in house development team are experts at building tailored, award winning apps that integrate seamlessly to your chosen ERP solution.  From ParcelForce integration apps to Geo-mapping, we have the expertise to develop out additional functionality for your business.
    • Read about our existing apps