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Service Asset Unity

Maximise business service asset returns and get more from them.

Manage, maintain and control customer assets, where ever they may be.

Managing assets is a complex issue at the best of times, but when those assets are at customer locations then the headache of managing just developed a new dimension.

AssetUnity has been designed especially for service assets with a visual mapping tool that instantly lets your businesses see where they are and which are giving the best ROI. Drill down reporting provides detailed information in real time. As a fully integrated NetSuite solution module, data from the asset register can be used in other modules providing your business with a single solution for all your needs.

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    Service Asset Register – Provides full visibility of all customer revenue earning assets. It is the source for all the detail you’ll need to manage service assets,  including description, book value, depreciation. Customer documents can be stored here too.

    Asset charging – Charging customers for assets and keeping track of the charges for each is now easy. Set-up charges directly from the asset register. The charging is clearly associated with each asset, so you can see the revenue earned by each. You can charge by a period (daily, weekly, monthly annual, etc..), Usage related charging, e.g. hire or rental and more.

    Asset life cycle management  – Plan, Acquire, implement, manage, retire or sell. Make sure you get the most from your assets, whatever the stage of the asset lifecycle.

    Asset location mapping – A visual tool that displays information on a google map. Customer sites are listed as pins, which can then be zoomed in on  to see individual assets at that customer site. Click on the location to get a customer report or on the individual pins to get information on each asset.

    Case Management – Customer events, incidents and complaints need to be dealt with. Case management provides a customer system directly connected to Service Assets with an easily configured workflow that ensure customer issues can be directed to the correct people. Keeps your customer’s happy.

    Asset price book  – Associate specific pricing and even discount periods from a central product price book. This sets the rules for all pricing, such as discounts, short-term promotions and even volume pricing to incentivise economies of scale, all with admin security, as required.

    Asset Invoicing – Raise and generate invoices directly from the asset register. Automate the process to make sure that Invoices are issued on time or flag and intervene manually. Standard invoice templates can be created and manual charges added when needed.

    Contract Management – Keep customer contracts easy to access. Contracts can be stored and associated with each customer. Details are included on the screen view and rules can be applied to contract length, notice period, etc.  Contracts can then be copied, renewed or cancelled.

    Maintenance Scheduling – Ensure service assets contribute revenue for longer with maintenance schedules applied and flagged. The system will create a work order for field staff and assets out of action can be illustrated on the map.

    Label Printing – Make assets easy to identify for customers and field staff. Print labels that can be attached to assets. A label form populates the information needed and can even include a bar code or QR code. All at the touch of a button.

    Customisable Dashboard – For Reporting and KPI analysis the fully customisable dashboard means you have the most important information at your fingertips. Assess performance and produce reports at a click of a mouse.

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