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SAP Software Services

Whether you are looking for incident management support or want to ensure business data consistency, Cofficient are on hand to help.

SAP Business ByDesign has been designed to solve all of your business problems with a single solution, delivered through a number of different ERP modules that can be added, either all in one go, or as you need them. All SAP software application modules and sections are designed to work together and give you a real-time view of your business processes.

Support can include:

  • Incident Management – Search for solutions and process incidents from end users directly or manage request for assistance from software provider.
  • Manage Access to Data – Maintain and set up access to the SAP software system for users.
  • Task Assignment to users – Maintain responsibilities for users in the company, check for unassigned tasks and complete missing substitution rules.
  • Manage background jobs and tasks – Schedule background jobs to meet the business needs.
  • Managing input and output – Set up and monitor internal and external communication such as email servers, printers, fax or B2B connections.
  • Ensure Business Data Consistency – Check the data flow for business processes. Resolve issues in conjunction with software provider.
  • Business Flexibility – Adapt solution: maintain forms and office templates, author available mashups, web services and install additional software.
  • How to” Advice – Guidance on processes, accessing function and features.
  • Upgrades Review – Latest release and report on relevant issues including recommendations. Conducting testing on key business processes and confirm results. Manage productive system upgrade and handover.