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NetSuite vs. Salesforce: which is better?


Although it’s not always wise to get sucked into product comparisons, the fact of the matter is that most people will be asking this very question: NetSuite or Salesforce? What are the benefits and how do they fare in a direct comparison with one another? Although Salesforce has many more years of brand marketing under their belt, it is the impressive amounts of time, money, and development that have gone into NetSuite that have made it such a huge success. In this blog, we’ll explore the crucial differences between them and highlight some advantages of using NetSuite over Salesforce.




Let’s be honest: if you’re going to use something every day, you want it to work as good as it can. You don’t want it to just scrape by. What you certainly don’t want is a complex solution for a simple problem. For that reason, we find that most of our users find NetSuite a breeze after struggling with the convoluted Salesforce interface.

In fact, we often hear from most of our users that, despite the endless possibilities and rich functionality, NetSuite is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. One user even remarked that NetSuite is “head and shoulders above anything else we have seen.”




If there’s one thing NetSuite is famous for, it’s the way it integrates seamlessly within your business and optimises your workflow. As a result, most companies are looking to Netsuite for a more comprehensive business solution to a wide variety of contemporary challenges. The crucial difference here is that Salesforce stops at a sales order and doesn’t integrate smoothly with accounting (the way you’d want it to, at least). NetSuite, however, offers detailed management processes that allow you to link up the front and the back office. The result? A highly intuitive and efficient system that turns your business into a unified and intelligent unit. You won’t just see one aspect of your business – you’ll get a full 360° birds-eye view, ranging from all your customer data, sales and back-office information to marketing and management tools. Talk about integration…

Add to that the virtually limitless customisation options (thanks to SuiteScript) and you’ve got yourself a powerful and uniquely expandable system that does all the things you don’t know you need yet.



The reason we haven’t called this section a cost comparison is because simply looking at the cost of a product can be slightly misleading. Yes, Salesforce is cheaper. But what do you actually get for your money? When it comes to the longevity and sustainability of your business, we’d rather look at the value of using a certain product. With NetSuite, you have access to one of the most intricate and expansive software platforms in the world, providing sophisticated and integrated systems that are second to none. In our opinion, that’s reason enough to realise that using NetSuite doesn’t just fulfil your basic needs. It grows with your business in a dynamic and customisable fashion.

If all you’re interested in is the cost of something, and not it’s value, then you’ll probably have a hard time convincing your customers that your product is worth their time and money. After all, customers are never just interested in the cost. They want value. And, ultimately, so do you.

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