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Meet the Team

Paul Tindal – Founder and Co-Owner of Cofficient

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A UWS graduate with a degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering and another in Advanced Computer Systems Development, Paul is barely old enough to remember life before “the cloud”. Paul gained his “suite” skills by working with dozens of companies across multiple sectors. He has buried himself in NetSuite these last 14 years, getting lost in the system so you don’t have to.

Apparently Paul can carry a tune – but we’ve no real evidence; he refuses to be drawn into forming an office band.


Paul Grant (CA) – Co-Owner of Cofficient

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Paul Grant is a finance director by trade and a chartered accountant (though we don’t hold it against him). Paul has plied his trade across construction, ecommerce, publishing and FMCG industries. He is the lead consultant for our SAP projects, the best project manager on our team and regular contributor to CA Magazine. He’s also our resident ukulele player.

Paul is a keen cyclist and devised the now famous “Five Ferry Challenge” cycle route round Argyll and Bute (where he can often be found in the month of June “drinking the compass” with his cycling buddies)

Alison Auld – Marketing Manager

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Alison designs all our marketing campaigns and keeps our social media ticking over. If you post something on Twitter or LinkedIn, it will be Alison who responds to you. She is also our resident photographer (responsible for all our lovely office photography on the site).

Alison has opted out of the office band (“I’d rather go ride my horse”)

Ben Hille – Lead Developer

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Our French born, Sheffield based developer is responsible for most of our Suite App extensions, like Parcelforce connecter and SAM (Service Asset Manager). Ben has an agency background and multiple years’ experience with software and digital design. Despite the fact that he is a trained paramedic, and understands the danger of blocked arteries, he is a big fan of our Fat Friday.

Ben has also opted out the office band. But he’s French so he doesn’t have to join our band to be cool.

Dino Mijatovic – Cloud Software Consultant

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Our youngest team member, Cofficient snapped Dino up while he was still in his last year studying Computer Science at Strathclyde University. Even whilst working part time at Cofficient for a year, he still managed to secure a first class degree with distinction and is one of our most talented developers. With a keen interest in the gaming industry, he first came to Scotland four years ago (from Bosnia) to study in Dundee. He is still trying to wrap his head around the Scottish weather.

Unlike Emma, Dino has taken drumming lessons and does own a kit. They plan to have a “drum off” to decide who’ll fill the drumming position in the office band.

Milan Molnar – NetSuite Consultant

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0845 6439 126

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Although Milan is one of our newest recruits, he isn’t new to software consultancy, having several NetSuite implementations under his belt. He recently relocated from London to join our team in Glasgow (but he has yet to try a deep fried Mars Bar).

Luise Reid – ERP Support Consultant

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