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SAP Business ByDesign Overview

SAP Business ByDesign A complete cloud solution built to power your business   Solution Brief SAP Business ByDesign    

7 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud-Based ERP Solution

How can you ensure the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution you're considering will meet all the needs of your growing business? Be sure to get the answers to these critical questions before making a decision. SAP_7_ERP_Questions_Infographic_partner...

Why Today’s Business Applications Belong In The Cloud

Read this whitepaper on cloud adoption which includes a free guide on questions to ask your business and your supplier.   http://cofficient.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ds-why-todays-business-applications-belong-in-the-cloud-emea.pdf      ...

Customer Contract Management in SAP Business ByDesign

Discover The Customer Contract Management Business Process in SAP Business ByDesign   Last week we took a look at the Marketing to Opportunity business process within SAP Business ByDesign where we talked through creating a target group, executing a campaign,...

How Do On-Premise ERP Systems Compare To Cloud

From losing customisation to version-lock, it's understandable that upgrades can be daunting if your business is using an on-premise ERP system.   Upgrading on-premise systems can be lengthy and arduous, potentially disrupting your everday business operations....

SAP’s Best Kept Secret

SAP Business ByDesign: SAP's Best Kept Secret   It has been almost 10 years since SAP Business ByDesign was first introduced.  Since then it has been deployed in more than 3,600 companies in 109 countries.  So why doesn't it seem to get any respect in the...

NetSuite – Pivot Your Business

A NetSuite paper aimed at helping companies of all sizes understand why they need a modern platform to optimise growth. Pivot Your Business

Guide to Alternatives to Sage

Sometimes finance departments are wedded to Sage, simply because they cannot conceive of using an alternative. This guide is aimed at companies whose unquestioning loyalty to Sage might be holding them back. The Sage Switch Guide...

Thriving in a Digital Economy

an SAP sponsored paper about how small and midsize enterprises are adapting to digital transformation. Thriving-in-the-digital-economy

The 3 Dimensions of SAP Business ByDesign

A Mint Jutras report, this report outlines what SAP Business ByDesign is, what it does and how it moves beyond feature and function. This paper also features a handy list of over 40 end to end scenarios supported by the SAP Business ByDesign solution....

SAP ByDesign Living Proof

Haircare experts Living Proof turned to SAP Business ByDesign to help grow their business. Here are the results. Living-Proof

Professional Services Metrics Guide

Professional services companies have had a challenging time over the past decade due to increased competition and decreasing margins. This NetSuite paper examines what you can do to improve (hint: it involves getting NetSuite).  

Professional Services Best Practices

Best practice of the Best of the Best Professional Services Companies – a service performance insight report. Professional-Services-best-practices

Advertising and Media KPI Ebook

This is a research study which highlights the key performance improvements which advertising and media companies have experienced after implementing cloud based business solutions....

The ROI of Cloud ERP for SMBs:

Cloud is gaining traction in the ERP market space and many small to medium businesses are getting in on the cloud action. This NetSuite paper draws on research from Nucleus Research and outlines the return on investment for smaller firms. The ROI of Cloud ERP for...

The IT Buyer’s Guide to Cloud ERP

Covering customisations, integrations, upgrades, security and your IT ecosystem, this whitepaper aims to tell the IT buyer everything they need to know about buying and implementing the NetSuite solution. The IT Buyer’s Guide to Cloud...

SAAs AND Cloud ERP observations

Want to know if cloud is right for you? Examine the differences between cloud and on premise and find out how to select the best cloud based products for your business size. SaaS and Cloud ERP...

Professional Services in Cloud ERP

This paper examines the difference cloud can make to a professional services company. Explore the importance of configuration over programming and ready your business services for agility in the cloud.  

NetSuite OneWorld ROI

It’s hard to calculate the ROI of cloud based software. This paper helps you do just that by taking a look at some 5 distinct NetSuite OneWorld customers. NetSuite OneWorld...

The Changing Role of the Financial Controller

The role of the financial controller is changing to that of a broader finance function. Controllers increasingly participate in the analysis and formulation of solutions and are now more strategic in business. This paper examines the time spent and the relationship...

Lessons Learned from Largest Cloud ERP

A SAP Business ByDesign case study of SAP’s largest deployment of ByD (for New South Wales Department for Trade and Investment). Lessons Learned Largest Cloud ERP

Is it Time to Purchase ERP?

Are you over complicating the decision? This Mint Jutras report explores the reasons for changing software and helps you justify the investment. Is it Time to Purchase ERP

Achieving Real Time Visibility

Learn how you can improve your management reporting cycle and make better decisions. This product neutral white paper includes a handy guide of what to as your software vendor.  

How Total Cost of Ownership Benefits Make Cloud a No Brainer

Cloud based solutions can deliver significant savings compared to on-premise business applications. Find out about the real cost of on premise in this NetSuite whitepaper. How TCO Benefits Make Cloud Computing a No-Brainer for Many SMBs and Mid-Market...

ERP Consolidation: The Art of War

Business leaders looking to consolidate the number of systems often find themselves “at war” with subsidiary or department based fiefdoms, each insistent on independence. Use this white paper to figure out how to win the argument. A product neutral paper by Gartner....

Exploring the Emerging SaaS ERP Market

Take a look at the very specific ways software as a service can deliver value to your business. A product neutral report by Forrester. Forrester Explore The Emerging SaaS ERP...

Cultivating the Social Customer

Driving revenue and growth through social engagement. A NetSuite whitepaper about changing customer expectation. Cultivating the Social Customer

SaaS and Cloud Overview

Is cloud right for you? Find out where cloud is going and what you should consider as important when selecting cloud ERP. A product neutral report from Aberdeen Group. Aberdeen Report Cloud...