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NetSuite for Media and Publishing

NetSuite for Media and Publishing Companies manages all of your customers—subscribers and advertisers alike—in one, unified application suite that seamlessly integrates sales with back-office financial, accounting and order management processes. NetSuite for Media Companies is based on the experience and best practices of a host of media firms, complemented with a proven professional services implementation methodology and configuration services.

  • Execute sales campaigns within the system and easily measure results.
  • Manage both aspects of sales: selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions to your readership.
  • Track advertisements from insertion order through fulfillment and verification, then automatically generate invoices per customized billing schedules.
  • Integrate with other solutions you use to drive your business, such as DoubleClick, OpenAds and other verification servers.

Is your media and publishing company doing all it can to position itself for future success?  This compilation of resources highlights the business challenges that media publishing companies face in today’s business world, the tools available in the NetSuite business cloud to effectively address these challenges, and how other businesses in media publishing are winning on NetSuite’s platform.

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  • Streamlined Operations – flexible, easy-to-use cloud-based business systems manages financials, sales, services and analytics
  • Accelerated Order Insertion – Expedite lead-to-cash processes and become business friendly
  • Grow Subscribers – Advanced renewal management with a single view of each customer lets you provide enhanced service
  • Track Advertising Performance – Full visibility from insertion order to invoicing

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