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NetSuite for Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management Module for NetSuite allows you to manage your business resources, control jobs and scheduling, and merge operational efficiency with NetSuite’s renown financial management solution.

It includes powerful business functionality integral to the overall performance of your organisation, with work/purchase order management, preventive maintenance, inventory analyses and management, and vehicle scheduling abilities all included.

The NetSuite Facilities Management Module is suitable for a wide variety of organisations, including schools, property management companies, governments, manufacturing businesses, and NGO’s.

Our Facilities Management Module allow you to increase your reaction time and efficiency when dealing with issues. As a result, it is a vital component of your overall business structure, as it allows you to manage your resources, equipment and staff members, while providing an excellent customer service.

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    • Compatible App that makes it easy to liaise with various teams. Includes offline operation and allows you to record follow-up times, log information, and add any further sales opportunities when working remotely.
    • Allows you to manage customer-facing field service management, all from within the NetSuite app.
    • GPS timestamps available for remote workers, field teams, and technicians.
    • Parts located functionality available for technicians.
    • Facilitates the managing of equipment, service call logging, and booking references, specifically designed with service phone operators in mind.
    • Resolve cases on the go by rerouting phones to field staff if required.
    • Deal with customer SLA’s efficiently.
    • Deal with payroll and billing while also managing staff members, equipment, materials, and time.
    • Quick-fire deployment of staff with the right skills, tools, and parts for the job.
    • Availability overview of vital resources required to fix issues.
    • Send out customer updates whenever relevant.
    • Hire sub-contractors if required.
    • Real time updates as they come in from your field technicians.
    • Electronic process from start to finish, ending with an e-signature.
    • Automated customer billing and payroll updates.

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