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How Much Does SAP Business ByDesign Cost?

How much does SAP Business ByDesign Cost? The question most commonly asked when people approach us about the SAP Business ByDesign solution is: “how much is it likely to cost me?” This is a great question, and one which easily helps you qualify the software in, or out, of scope for your business.

When choosing a cloud based ERP system to run your business you want to get the best value for money. But you also need to know that you are getting something you can afford.

SAP Business ByDesign (sometimes called ByDesign or ByD) is a mid market cloud based enterprise software (ERP). It is aimed at mid-sized companies.

Cofficient Ltd is one of the UK’s longest standing SAP Business ByDesign partners.  We are one of three partners in the UK who hold SAP Recognised Expertise status (REX Qualification) for the SAP Business ByDesign solution.  We are the only partner in the UK to hold 3 REX qualifications.

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How Much?

Because it is a great question, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to answer.

Is someone asked you, “how much is a house?”  you could answer in several ways.  You could tell them the average price (it’s £234k in the UK by the way).  But to answer completely you would have to find out what kind of property you’re pricing up for them.

  • Is it a detached or a semi?
  • 3 bedrooms or 4?
  • What neighbourhood is it in?
  • How big is the garden?
  • 1 reception room or 2?
  • Is it in need of refurbishment?
  • Has it been extended?

You get the idea.

The same is true of software.  Typically you will need to specify your requirements to get a complete price.  Each software is priced differently.  Some you purchase the suite of software in the first instance then add modules and users as you require.  With others you purchase the software in its totality then use it as you wish.  Some software vendors allow concurrent users, others require distinct licenses.

SAP Business ByDesign Pricing

How much does SAP Business ByDesign Cost? You can get the fully integrated ERP suite of SAP Business By Design from £24,000 which includes 20 users. It is important to realise the difference between cost and value. As in pretty much all cases you will get much more value from the cost.

SAP Business ByDesign requires you to purchase a minimum of 20 users.

The base fee is £1095 per month (or £13,140 per annum if you prefer) and includes 5 finance users.

The rest of your configuration must include 15 additional users as a minimum.  You specify your users based upon their role (user type).  Each is priced differently.  You can choose from:

  • CRM user (sales and marketing users) £58 per user per month / £696 per user per annum
  • SCM user (supply chain management users) £131 per user per month / £1572 per user per annum
  • Standard Enterprise user (full user) £97 per user per month / £1164 per user per annum
  • Project Management user £58 per user per month / £696 per user per annum

Each of the above have “self-service” equivalents (a pared down version of the full user license). This is typically around 1/5 of the full price.

User Types

Enterprise users access core functionality and can straddle different business areas.  They can access full financials, customer relationship management, HR and projects for example

Team users only get access to their specific role and function in the business.  For example a CRM team user (as priced above) will work in the sales department and have access to all the customer relationship management. Likewise for project team users and so on.

Self-Service users will only be able to access certain office essential tasks like logging time and expenses or purchase requisitions.  Since these are not considered full users, they don’t count towards your allocation of 20 minimum

What Else Do You Need to Know?

When you buy SAP Business ByDesign you get full access to all the software you need (as built up through your user configuration). Unlike other software systems, you don’t need to build the software up from a series of modules.  For example, SAP Business ByDesign is fully multi company, whereas other software vendors can charge large amounts to enable multi company features.

This can sometimes make the software seem more expensive in the first instance but in terms of functionality a full version of a modular system is likely to be much more expensive than SAP Business ByDesign. So when you are doing your price comparisons, make sure you are comparing like for like functionality as well as price.

SAP Business ByDesign also provision access to 24/7 SAP support as part of the license fee.  Many other providers require additional revenue for support so this should also be taken into account when pricing your software comparatively.

Like all cloud based software vendors, your tenancy in the data centre and all published updates (typically 2 or more per annum) are included in the cost.

SAP ByDesign don’t allow concurrent users so you will have to name all your users.  You can set up new users yourself from the system but SAP have a compliance team who regularly monitor your use of the software to ensure you are not out of compliance in terms of the numbers of users accessing the system by comparison to your contract.

The typical contract term time is 3 years, but you can set it at 12 months as a minimum if you require.

If you are considering SAP Business ByDesign and want to talk to one the UK’s most qualified SAP partners, please get in touch

Written by Alison Auld at Cofficient Ltd – one of the UK’s longest standing SAP Business ByDesign partners.  SAP REX Qualified for SAP Business ByDesign, Finance and Healthcare industries.

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