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NetSuite Enhancement Directory, addon features for NetSuite cloud ERP software

Useful feature add-ons from Cofficient’s own expert developers.

The NetSuite Enhancement Directory provides additional features for existing NetSuite modules that will increase productivity and make life a little easier.

We love Netsuite! With the flexibility of the software and NetSuite’s attention to detail, it isn’t a surprise that NetSuite is the World’s most popular cloud ERP system. Sometimes, though, customers have specific needs that mean small changes. Things you might have thought “I wish NetSuite would …..” This is an enhancement. The NetSuite Enhancement Directory has solutions to these small, but important needs, designed especially for Implementation Partners and NetSuite customers.  

Check the apps below. Once you’ve have identified what you need, click on the “Get In Touch” button and contact us, we’re happy to be of service. If you can’t find the solution you need, let us know and we can develop to your requirements.

Sometimes it’s the small stuff that changes the world!

ParcelForce shipping for NetSuite in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Parcel Force Shipping for NetSuite

Need to ship parcels and packages? Our ParcelForce app adds the capability to NetSuite to create documentation, print labels and send large numbers of parcels  directly with Parcel Force. Track them world wide too. That’ll make your customers happy!

DHL shipping for NetSuite in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

DHL shipping for NetSuite

Enterprise shipping of packages and parcels with DHL. This app enables the creation and printing of documentation directly from NetSuite. Co-ordinate with Inventory and manage performance with NetSuite dashboard. It’s efficient, and tracks high volumes of delivery, Impress your customers with your speed of delivery!

Project Cost Amoritisation in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Project Cost Amoritisation

Need to allocate cost’s to projects and  amortise over time? This app enables journal entries to be made against specified projects. Now you can ensure  everything is accounted accurately and according to best practice.
Batch Bundling Inventory in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Batch Bundling Inventory

Trying to match sales orders and inventory is a headache!

The Batch Bundle app enables inventory queries from sales orders.  You can identify if that sales order can be met from stock, even for volume orders. Then reserve the stock and submit orders.

Improve your customer service and reduce order to revenue times.

Receipt Image Attachment in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Receipt Image Attachment

If you need to send evidence of expenses as part of a customer invoice then this app is for you. Take mobile photographs or scans of expense receipts and attach them as part of your Customer Invoice.

Create more trust with your customers!

Cross Hire

Cross Hire

Sometimes forecasting demand for equipment hire can be difficult. At peak times that might mean hiring to then re-hire to customers. With the Cross Hire app bundle, equipment hired can be tracked, costed and re-hired. Create a rehire price lists and analyse against cost. Forecast future demand or even track individual hires to specific companies. It’s never been easier to do.
Off-line Sales CRM in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Off-line Sales CRM

It’s frustrating when we can’t be online. This app enables NetSuite sales CRM access from a mobile device. Then you can continue to work as normal entering customers information, updating data and creating new leads. Once you are back on-line, the app simply updates NetSuite. Gain an advantage and keep at the top of your game!
Campaign Monitor Integration in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Campaign Monitor Integration

The popular designers choice for e-mail campaigns, Campaign Monitor, can now be directly integrated with NetSuite CRM. Send leads and sales data directly into the NetSuite Sales CRM system. Use automated workflow to ensure immediate responses or share valuable prospect data with other functions. Put everything at your finger tips in one system!
Discount Pricing Automation in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory

Discount Pricing Automation

Automate the rules for discounts on individual line item pricing. Ideal for situations when customers need that added incentive to complete a sale or abandon their ecommerce shopping basket.
Geo-Mapping in the Cofficient NetSuite Enhancement Directory


Increase your field resource efficiency with Geo-mapping. Do you have resources in the field and need to understand which is closest to a point? This app maps resources in relation to a postcode and identifies which is closest.  Then with a click of a button, you can provide field staff with a list of visits straight to their mobile device.

Now that’s done you can get on with the important things!