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WasteUnity the cloud ERP software system for the Waste Industry

Waste Industry


With Cofficient Wasteunity, everyone knows exactly what to do in real time. Fully compliant with e-docs Waste Transfer Notes,

Wasteunity provides an integrated customer, collection scheduling and billing process. Drivers are allocated to collection schedules via our mobile App. Jobs are delivered and completed on their mobile device and the on-site employee simply moves onto the next allocated job. Customer invoices and Waste Transfer Notes are automatically generated and best of all our customisable interactive dashboards display all the most important information so you can watch your business running smoothly.

Be More ….

  • Efficient, by improving fleet scheduling.
  • Customer friendly, with integrated customer management.
  • Consistently compliant, including automated Waste Transfer Notes.
  • Cash Generative, with faster payment & improved cash flow.

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