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Cofficient services for NetSuite UK & SAP UK cloud ERP software

Service Process

Introducing an ERP system can seem daunting. That’s why we choose to become part of our customer’s companies. We make the transformational change process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are proud that we have a reputation for delivery and we’ll do more with our time and staff to make that happen.

To do this we have developed a process, born from experience, and specifically designed to develop the ERP solution that best fits your company. We make sure that your company’s competitive advantage is core to the development. The six steps to success.


We Give More, So You Can Do More…

Step 1 –  We match our expertise with your company to provide knowledge and understanding of your industry area. From there we conduct discovery sessions and get under the lid of what your company does.  
Stage 2 – we strip back your business to its essentials processes, identify the competitive advantages and map the ideal workflow that will maximise efficiency and market leadership. 
Stage 3 – getting down to business! We develop and put in place your cloud solutions. Working with key people in each of the functions we go through itterartive reviews to make absolutely sure the solution is right for your business. 
Stage 4 – communication and openness are the key to implementing solutons. With an implementation we work closely with each of the teams affected put the solution in place in you business.  
Stage 5 – The key to success and widespread adoption is to train  everyone and ensure they are completely comfortable and at home. We have the expertise to answer any question.
Step 6 – Our involvement and support doesn’t end when the software has been rolled out. We continue to work and support customers through-out the contract life of the product.

Technical Services

Our in-house team develop tailored award winning apps that integrate seamlessly to your chosen ERP solution, delivering competitive advantage. 
Many businesses have a variety of data sources, making reporting and keeping data up to date a headache. With our expertise we can integrate these to provide a single, secure and backed-up cloud solution, that provides instant reporting, drill down to source issues and a data source that keeps everyone on the right side of the new GDPR data laws. 
Demand planning is an  operational and supply chain management process that creates reliable forecasts. Effective demand planning improves the accuracy of revenue forecasts, inventory levels and matches supply with peaks and troughs in demand. 

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