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CRMUnity, the feature rich CRM system you won't be able to do without


A Feature-Rich CRM System, you won’t be able to do without. NetSuite is the choice of thousands of business around the world.

Don’t settle for second best!


CRMUnity is feature rich CRM system utilising NetSuite’s software and tailored to your Company’s needs. NetSuite is the choice of thousands of businesses around the World and its advanced features make CRMUnity the ideal choice for almost any type of business.  CRMUnity is GDPR (General Data Protection Requirements) compliant and ready to grow leads by up to 5 times more than traditional methods. What’s more, it fits seamlessly with other NetSuite ERP Modules. That means everyone in your entire business can have the same single source of information, instantly.

Find out more about the key features, below.  


Key Features

Automate your entire marketing campaign process. From creating e-mails to automated responses for each stage of the customer buying process. An easy to use workflow system that directs responses to the right staff. Ensure customers get the speed of service they expect.
Improve sales performance with instant forecasting & pipeline reporting, price and discount rules and even smart upsell opportunities (using customer behaviour analysis). It’ll also manage commission payments which your HR department will be pleased about. This is a smart system designed to make sure you never miss a sale.
Track and analyse the effectiveness of multiple campaigns. Campaign tracking pulls information from e-mails, social media, website and even SMS. From creation to execution get a single source of measurement in a single system!
Instant Reporting. Reporting dashboards are completely configurable enabling functions, teams and individuals to display key stats in real time. Reports can be drilled into to provide vital information on detail when needed. Reporting on tap that can be securely accessed from anywhere. Exactly what you needed!
GDPR Compliant web forms capture customers data and consent every time. Convenient flow charts ensure completed forms are routed, in real time, directly to the correct staff, in just a couple of easy steps. Simple!
Reduce Sales to order time by as much as 50%. From lead to sales CRMUnity and integrated financial systems mean the whole cycle can be monitored, forecast and confirmed. Making the whole process smooth seamless and quick. 
Identify who your customers really are. Link customer consented data from all sources to build a full customer profile.With customer information from e-commerce, connected social media, purchasing and other legitimate sources, you can build an accurate picture of who customers are and why they buy. Then upsell or provide appropriate additional products. 
Accurate and timely, a single source of data for your business keeps everyone up to date. Imagine a single system that is always correct, doesn’t need data dumped or time spent purging duplicate records. Happy days CRMUnity has a single source data base that is compatable with all of Netsuites ERP modules. As you grow so does it.    
Create flexible commission schedules, based on quotas,sales margin, revenue, quantity and more. Set-up these up for short term monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. You can even integrate with Netsuites payroll  or your own system. Everyone can be certain about payment.    
With GDPR data laws it’s important to have a single source of data that provides the latest compliant customer information. Multiple systems can be a massive headache to bring together. Fortunately Cofficient can help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to add growth, flexibility and value.