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More customers pay on time with Credit Unity.

Collect more revenue and reduce bad debt risk. 

Imagine if money appeared in your company bank account every time an invoice was issued. The reality is that customers forget, are busy and some just find excuses not to pay.

CreditUnity is automated credit control software, which is fully integrated with the NetSuite finance module. CreditUnity recognises outstanding invoices and due payments already in the financial system. It then follows a customisable credit process from polite reminders, prior to payment, to escalating seriousness after the due date.

From automated process to credit intelligence, case management and re-payment facilities. CreditUnity has everything you need to ensure your business gets paid on time and reduces the risk of bad debt. Now your credit team can concentrate on the important things!  Click on the icon images below to find out more about the innovative features of CreditUnity.

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    Automated Credit Process – from polite reminders prior to due date to escalating levels of payment demand after.  Once created then the process runs fully automatically and recognises when payments have been made, avoiding awkward and unnecessary communications in error.

    Customisable Credit Control Process  – Timing, minimum debt amount, and the number of stages in the process,  and even the communications themselves can all be configured entirely to meet the needs of your business.

    E-mail Templates – You can have as many e-mail templates as your business deems necessary. Different templates can be associated with different circumstances and are personalised to the payment contact details maintained within the system.

    Credit Reporting – Whether you run KPI’s as a dashboard or want to query bad debt reports in real time the NetSuite system is the best in the business for providing actionable intelligence when you need it.

    Identify Persistent Late Payers  – Identify, flag and action those customers who are regularly late payers. Put in place alerts to relevant company functions and co-ordinate policy to deal with these customers.

    Calculating Cumulative Interest – For some late payers charging interest is a  good incentive to get focus on payment. In the UK a company can legally charge up to 8% over the Bank of England base rate.  CreditUnity tracks and calculates the cumulative interest and can add this to a late payment invoice.

    Discount Options – Sometimes it is useful to offer the carrot as well as the stick. Various discount plans can be created and used as an incentive for immediate payment. This can be run as an internal policy, for example aged debt over a specified, which is then automated as part of the process.

    Case Management – Keep a record of all customer interactions. Case management can keep contracts as well as details recorded by staff and a record of e-mail communications with customers and other contacts within that company.

    Escalation – With sensitive or important customers it may be necessary to create an escalation path to enable senior people in your company to talk to senior people in the debtor company, prior to taking action.

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