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Case Studies

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SOI Group Limited - Oracle + NetSuite Helps Growing Marine Mammal Consultancy with Global Growth Ambitions

The investment in Oracle NetSuite has enabled us to avoid hiring additional new staff, improve our financial close and increase our overall customer service level.


  • Oracle NetSuite has enabled us to support 7 additional companies without increasing headcount.
  • Oracle NetSuite has allowed us to shorten our reporting timescales from 10 to 6 working days.
  • Reduction in transaction processing costs by being able to quickly add companies to the company structure.
  • Significant increase in productivity due to Oracle NetSuite’s anywhere, anytime access.
  • On-going IT support has reduced dramatically by eliminating downtime and software patches.
  • Oracle NetSuite has enabled SOI Group to free up resources to focus on strategic market developments and long term planning rather than on day-to-day reporting and processing.
  • Ability to provide a more meaningful interpretation of the financial results.


  • The small, growing marine mammal consultancy had global growth ambitions which their previous accounting system could not support.
  • They wanted a cloud based scalable solution to enable them to focus their resources on growing the business rather than running a complicated International IT system.
  • The company required a multi-company, multi-currency solution that offered rapid consolidation at month end and enabled them to leverage a standardised CRM system across the group.


  • SOI Group chose Oracle NetSuite as it was the only company to offer a cloud based solution that met their requirements, replacing Sage.
  • Oracle NetSuite OneWorld enabled SOI Group to quickly develop companies in USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK, and to scale with its International growth.
  • Oracle NetSuite partner Cofficient worked with SOI Group on their OneWorld implementation.
  • Oracle NetSuite OpenAir provided an integrated system for SOI Group’s resource management.
Genius Foods Takes Control of its Business

We needed a flexible solution that could support a changing and growing business. This is not just a ‘nice to have’ for us; it’s essential.

Genius Foods, the UK’s leading gluten-free food company, has developed a large range of products now stocked by every major supermarket in the UK as well as many independent retailers. Genius also has an online foodservice and a growing presence in Canada, Spain and North America.

As well as significant growth, Genius’ business model is changing, giving the company much more control over the manufacturing and design of its products. Genius’ legacy systems for accounting, CRM, and customer care were disparate, with no flow of information between departments. Genius needed a system that was both scalable – to accommodate the company’s current growth, and flexible – to build in contingency for any route the company may take in scope of operations, channels to market, and change of business model.

Genius selected Cofficient as a technology partner, who recommended the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign. Cofficient dedicated a considerable amount of time to understanding the challenges and opportunities of the business. Stella Morse, CFO, Genius Foods says:

We were impressed with Cofficient because of the commitment they showed us – even before any purchasing decision was made. And they demonstrated great foresight about the future growth of our company. They have some very smart people who are great to work with.

Following the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign, Genius will be able to understand and compare the sale of its products across all of its lines – including its online store. This accurate commercial information will allow Genius to make strategic decisions about products, marketing, sales and customer service. SAP Business ByDesign will also enable connectivity between customer relationship management and ‘customer care’, improving relationships across the board with customers, partners and suppliers.

  • SAP Business ByDesign gives integrated view of Genius business for the first time
  • Business development facilitated through strong financial reporting and clear commercial information
  • Customer relationship management streamlined and customer care improved
  • Cost-effective and user-intuitive technology encourages best practices and improves business processes
TSA use NetSuite CRM to Control Membership and Bring Code of Practice In-House

We felt that the customisation we agreed with Cofficient would put us in a strong position moving forward, and we plan to keep working with Cofficient to unlock more functionality as time goes on.

TSA is a membership organisation, with around 350 members in the telehealth and telecare community.  They cover a wide range of areas, including service providers, suppliers, academics, commissioners etc.  As well as the standard membership renewals, TSA organise a number of regional events, along with an international conference each year. They have also recently taken the administration of the Code of Practice” in house”, where the service provider members are audited for compliance against a very strict service regime.

After some consideration TSA took the decision to migrate from their current mixture of systems; which included an access database, spreadsheets and a lot of manual processes. A number of potential new CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and Workbooks were all considered. All of these needed substantial configuration and the cost was quite high.  After being introduced to Cofficient by a third party, they were shown Oracle NetSuite as a viable alternative to what was already in the market.

After receiving a demonstration with key members of the team TSA were impressed by the potential of the system. Realising a lot of “Out of the Box” functions that suited TSA’s requirements, the feeling was that further customisation, agreed with Cofficient,  would put them in a strong position moving forward.  The project is being approached in several phases with the first – CRM (membership management) completed in October 2015.

The result is that TSA have been able to automate a lot of their membership renewal processes. They are now able to offer our members much better customer service from the Business Relationship Managers in terms of responding to communication and proactively contacting members. TSA have been able to bring the Code of Practice in-house, with very little additional admin support, which was vital. They are now able to control marketing campaigns more efficiently and track the contacts made.

Another crucial criteria of the project was to enable user learning.  TSA have received training on how to build the reports and saved searches as well as setting up dashboards on their own.   Having this skill will ensure that TSA have the most accurate Management Information, can track team performance and get best indicators of business performance.  This will enable them to make faster and better business decisions in order to drive the business.

Moving forward, TSA plan to continue working with Cofficient to get the best out the Oracle NetSuite solution and to unlock further functionality.  The aim is to unlock the finance functionality so that the system becomes truly integrated.  This is planned for early 2016.

Calnex Solutions

“NetSuite gives us a system we can build on. We now have an integrated real-time view of what’s happening across the business and can spot issues earlier for faster intervention”


  • Better agility and business continuity with a unified platform. Working with NetSuite Solution Provider Cofficient Limited, Calnex rolled out NetSuite as an agile, scalable platform for global financials, order processing and fulfilment, and inventory control. With NetSuite’s ease of use, Calnex has improved business continuity by eliminating reliance on personnel who managed a highly complex and customised order processing and fulfilment spreadsheets.
  • Scalability to handle growth in transactions and revenue. With NetSuite live in April 2014, Calnex has new scalability to handle a 30% surge in transaction volumes and 11% revenue growth in 2014. Calnex has better end-to-end efficiency and visibility, empowering management to track trends, issues and real-time metrics. And the company can flexibly accommodate exacting product specifications among customers, including many of the world’s largest telcos across Calnex’s three regions in Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Flexibility to future-proof and grow a global business. Founded in 2007, Calnex has rapidly grown its business and won industry acclaim, including a 2015 award for best B2B Technology Product/Service for its flagship Paragon product from the trade organisation Scotland IS. NetSuite gives the young company a future-proof platform that it can grow into, not grow out of. Flexibility to tune business processes and complex sales commissions to customer requirements, is important to optimising overall business performance.


Calnex Solutions, a leading provider of innovative R&D test solutions for telecom synchronization with more than 320 customers in 45 countries, faced increasing business complexity and customer demands with rapid growth and rollouts of new high-value, highly complex products. Sage 50 for financials and two heavily customised spreadsheets for order processing and fulfilment didn’t deliver the scale and agility the company needed.

“Calnex was going through a period of high growth and needed to replace a legacy system which couldn’t cope with all our critical business processes. Cofficient helped us embed NetSuite best practice into our organisation and streamline all our processes. We have been able to remove duplicated effort, improve access to information and gain better visibility of crucial business information such as stock and operating profit. As a team, Cofficient have been very supportive and understanding of our needs and we continue to work with them to get the best out of the system.” – Ger Kirk, Operations Manager, Calnex Soltuions

Company Snapshot

Company: Calnex Solutions

Location: Linlithgow, Untied Kingdom

Employees: 66

Industry: Telecomunications

Systems replaced: Sage 50, Excel

NetSuite Product Implemented: NetSuite ERP (finance and CRM) across a phased roll out

Countries: 45

Simon Community


  • 100% Accuracy Increase Working with NetSuite Solution Provider Cofficient The number of service users presenting at Simon Community outreach centres was unknown. The estimated numbers were far fewer than the actual numbers, which are now being recorded accurately in the NetSuite system.


“Prior to NetSuite, we found it difficult to be able to ascertain the correct number of services users we were engaging with at any one time. Now we have this information, accurate to the minute, at the touch of a button” Hugh Hill, Simon Community Scotland


  • Clarity Around Service User Demographic Using NetSuite has allowed Simon Community Scotland to ascertain key service user demographic information such as; male to female ratio; mental health issues; addiction issues; abuse survivors.
  • 80% Reduction in Manual Effort Before NetSuite, support staff would be required to capture information about service users on hard copy (bits of paper). Collecting the information on soft copy was time consuming and there were no standard formats to follow. NetSuite has standardised and streamlined the process. These valuable hours saved are now being spent on improving the service offering and working hands on with the homeless community.
We have introduced a data and information system into a caring environment where staff are fully committed to working with people and not machines. NetSuite allows the staff to work directly with the service user to support plans in the community”

Additional Benefits:

  • 50% Reduction in Paper Consumption
  • 20% Reduction in Travel Times and Expenses
  • 10% Increase in Face to Face Contact with Service Users


Simon Community didn’t have access to good business intelligence. They needed a system to give them better clarity about their offering (helping the homeless community in the West of Scotland). They knew they were helping their service users but didn’t fully understand the fruit of their labour.
Mission critical information such as complete number of service users, demographics and outcomes were missing from the business.

“We found it difficult to be able to report on positive outcomes for homeless people moving on as this was hidden in manual paperwork. Now we can report accurately on where our service users move on to, which will allow us to target our energy into areas we know give us positive outcomes” Hugh Hill, Simon Community Operations Director

Company Snapshot:

Company: Simon Community (Scotland)

Location: Glasgow, Untied Kingdom

Employees: 100+ including volunteers

Industry: NFP/Charity

Systems replaced: Excel, Word, Microsoft Office

NetSuite Product Implemented: NetSuite CRM